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Parmesan oregano chicken tenderloins

Looking for a lighter meal to feed the family or maybe just yourself? These Parmesan oregano chicken tenderloins are easy to make, very delicious and very quick.

chicken chorizo salsa pie

How hot do you like it? This chicken chorizo salsa pie can be as mild or as spicy as you like. Try it tonight and make your life a little ‘hotter’. It’s also great for left overs on the weekend too.

bacon sage wrapped chicken drumsticks

Chicken and bacon are a match made in heaven and our sage wrapped chicken drumsticks are tasty and very easy to make. Serve with mustard potato mash and your favorite green vegetables for a satisfying family meal any time of the week.

chicken bacon chive meatloaf

Everything is better with bacon, and this tasty and easy to make chicken bacon chive meatloaf is no exception! If you’ve got a family of four, you should have plenty of left overs for yummy sandwiches the next day.

spicy chicken drumsticks

Do you like HOT stuff? Cooking affordable chicken drumsticks in this sweet and spicy chicken marinade turns them into spicy delights. Lip smackingly good spicy chicken drumsticks is sure to become a memorable family favourite!

spicy Mexican style chicken soup

There’s nothing as comforting as chicken soup on a chilly winter night and if you like flavour, this spicy Mexican style chicken soup is just what you need. It’s a Mexican style take of the traditional favourite, full of rich spicy flavours.

chicken cheese chive sausage rolls

Bet you can’t eat just one! Australians LOVE sausage rolls, and these chicken cheese chive sausage rolls are so quick and tasty they’ll be gone as fast as you can make them.

kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken is a very affordable, fast and simple Chinese dish that’s spicy, slightly sweet and super delicious! If you like loads of vegetables, while it’s not very traditional, you can add bok choy or snow peas (or any other green veg) right at the end of cooking.

chicken almond preserved lemon tagine

Welcome to the Kasbah. The smell of this chicken almond preserved lemon tagine cooking is like a tantalizing waft of spices from an old bazaar. Best of all, it’s as easy to make as an everyday casserole.

southern fried chicken burgers

There’s fried chicken and then there’s REAL fried chicken and these southern fried chicken burgers will not disappoint! Wickedly delicious, cheap and easy to make, and in just one bite, you’ll be addicted too.

buttermilk herb roast chicken

Everyone loves roast chicken and this buttermilk herb roast chicken will become your new favourite! When you marinate a chicken in buttermilk, you get all that wonderful roast chicken flavour with the plumpest most tender meat. Butterflied chicken has a shorter cooking time too so why not try it and see what you think…..