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maple chipotle chicken wings

There is no doubt that our maple chipotle chicken wings will become your new go-to recipe. These seriously delicious wings packs wicked heat and are so very moreish, we suggest you make triple or even quadruple the recipe because these are going to be a knock out! 

chorizo Parmesan squares

Wheather you’re entertaining, looking for a tasty treat for this year’s footy finals, or just after some tasty nibbles, these Chorizo Parmesan squares are quick and simple to make and absolutely delicious.

chicken chorizo salsa pie

How hot do you like it? This chicken chorizo salsa pie can be as mild or as spicy as you like. Try it tonight and make your life a little ‘hotter’. It’s also great for left overs on the weekend too.

meatball caramelised onion pizza

Love meatballs? Love Pizza?  How about a meatball caramelised onion pizza? YUM. This one hardly got out of the oven before our experienced pizza testers woofed it! Give it a go and let us know what you think.

spicy chicken drumsticks

Do you like HOT stuff? Cooking affordable chicken drumsticks in this sweet and spicy chicken marinade turns them into spicy delights. Lip smackingly good spicy chicken drumsticks is sure to become a memorable family favourite!

spicy Mexican style chicken soup

There’s nothing as comforting as chicken soup on a chilly winter night and if you like flavour, this spicy Mexican style chicken soup is just what you need. It’s a Mexican style take of the traditional favourite, full of rich spicy flavours.

kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken is a very affordable, fast and simple Chinese dish that’s spicy, slightly sweet and super delicious! If you like loads of vegetables, while it’s not very traditional, you can add bok choy or snow peas (or any other green veg) right at the end of cooking.

Thai green chicken bean curry

Short on time and looking for a Thai curry that’s easy to make at home? Then try our delicious and lean Thai green chicken curry with green beans, it’s the …

fast chicken quesadilla

Our fast chicken quesadilla is full of flavour and easy to make. Fast stir-fry chicken strips with Mexican spices and fresh tomato then toast with cheese between 2 corn tortilla (quesadilla) and serve with sour cream and salsa.

chilli jam pork skewers

If you like zingy, sweet and spicy Asian inspired flavours then our chilli jam pork skewers are just for you! Made with Australian pork and prepared in about 10 minutes, this delicious recipe is a must when you next fire up your BBQ.

chilli cheese dogs

These chilli cheese dogs are just what you need at your next barbecue. They’re great when friends come over or your watching your favourite sport on the big screen and they do go really well with your favourite ale.