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pot roast beef with French onion gravy

Succulent, fall apart roast beef in a French onion gravy, this pot roast beef with French onion gravy is delicious and takes very little effort to cook. 

pomegranate braised pork spare ribs

Looking for a tangy new flavour the whole family will enjoy? These easy to make and affordable pomegranate braised pork spare ribs are so succulent and taste sweet, sour and rich all at the same time. Try this finger licking dish! It also makes for perfect entertaining!

hearty beef vegetable pie

A hearty beef vegetable pie is delicious any time of the year but more so in the cooler months. This beef pie, with its fresh vegetables, will easily feed a family of four with a bit left over for those who like seconds. It’s a dish which is very affordable and will be loved by all!

bacon sage wrapped chicken drumsticks

Chicken and bacon are a match made in heaven and our sage wrapped chicken drumsticks are tasty and very easy to make. Serve with mustard potato mash and your favorite green vegetables for a satisfying family meal any time of the week.

slow roast smoky pork shoulder

Australian pork is the best in the world. Our slow roast smoky pork shoulder is an affordable family meal, that will easily feed six.  The crisp crackling and tender meat, which almost falls apart, is sure to become a family favourite.

spicy chicken drumsticks

Do you like HOT stuff? Cooking affordable chicken drumsticks in this sweet and spicy chicken marinade turns them into spicy delights. Lip smackingly good spicy chicken drumsticks is sure to become a memorable family favourite!

chicken cheese chive sausage rolls

Bet you can’t eat just one! Australians LOVE sausage rolls, and these chicken cheese chive sausage rolls are so quick and tasty they’ll be gone as fast as you can make them.

quick rough puff pastry

Quick rough puff pastry, it’s affordable and easy to make good pastry at home. Try making this quick pastry when you have a little time, it’s so flaky crisp and tender you’ll be totally converted. When you make it, make a double batch to freeze for later and for the days when you don’t have so much time.

kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken is a very affordable, fast and simple Chinese dish that’s spicy, slightly sweet and super delicious! If you like loads of vegetables, while it’s not very traditional, you can add bok choy or snow peas (or any other green veg) right at the end of cooking.

pepita herb crusted pork loin

If you like crunch and taste, plus prefer gluten free – then you’ll love these easy and delicious pepita herb crusted pork loin medallions. With tasty Australian Pork they’ll make a juicy and crunchy dinner treat that’s a bit more interesting than the usual gluten free.